Experience Japanese craftsmanship in Himi, which is blessed with food and scenery.

Approximately 2 hours from Toyama Airport to Himi City

Lapoje Co., Ltd. is a Japanese clothing sewing company located in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture.

In Himi City, you can enjoy foods such as ``Himi Kanburi'' and ``Himi Beef,'' as well as one of the world's most beautiful views of the ``Tateyama Mountain Range over the sea.'' It is an attractive town with a lot of history and culture that remains, including the eco-friendly and sustainable fishing method ``Etchu-style fixed net fishing''.

At La Poge,We are offering inbound tourism "My Yukata Making Experience [Premium]" for people from overseas. Yukata made with high Japanese sewing techniques〟This is a trial class where you can create your own. Yukata isYou can make it in your own size and take it home.If you participate in the trial class, you can also take a tour of the factory.

Experience making ``yukata'', a part of Japanese culture,Himi'sWould you like to come and enjoy the food and scenery?


Shitateya-san and Shishimai Village

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Shitateya’s work ~ Shishimai no Sato, Himi ~


Sao-chan's way of wearing a yukata

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Easy to wear! "Petanko obi"

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Sao-chan will teach you♡

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Sewing machine training by Managing Director Inventor (nickname)

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