stamp card

You can receive original goods from Shitateya!
LINE “Stamp Card”

To express our gratitude to those who always use Shitateya-san and La Poge, we have started a Shitateya-san stamp card.

If you purchase a product from the Shitateya-san online shop or participate in a La Poge experience class, you will receive a QR code where you can accumulate points!
Once you collect stamps, you can exchange them for one original accessory limited to Shitateya.


All original accessories limited to "Made in Himi" by Shitateya.

☆Sustainer drawstring bag

We hope you enjoy the unique texture and hand-sewn warmth of Wat Cycle, which uses moji Rin and denim outer kimono fabric.

●Size: Diameter approx. 12cm, height approx. 14cm


☆Two-tone waist strap in Tateyasan color

The colors are separated in the middle of the waist strap, so it's convenient to use as a landmark when dressing!
We use fabric that is easy to tighten and difficult to unravel.

●Moss (100% cotton)
●Color: dark gray, pink


Get 3 or 5 stamps as a gift!

with 3 stamps

[Receive by participating in the trial class] 1 “Sitateya-san limited original accessory”

If you have collected 3 or more stamps and booked/participated in the trial class, you can exchange them for 1 original accessory from Shitateya.

*The third stamp gift is a benefit for those who visit La Poge Co., Ltd.
*The type of accessory varies depending on the redemption period.

with 5 stamps

[LINE limited] 1 “Sitateya-san limited original accessory”

After collecting 5 stamps,Purchase products at online shoporIf you would like to reserve or participate in a trial class, pleaseYou can exchange it for one original accessory from Shitateya.

*If you are using the online shop, please check theBy LINE messagePlease contact us if you would like to exchange small items.please
*The type of accessory varies depending on the redemption period.


How to get a stamp card


How to get a QR code

[For those participating in the La Poge experience class]

[For those using online shop]

*One point will be awarded for each person who participates in the trial class.
*You will receive 1 point for each online shop order.
*Points cannot be awarded after the product is shipped or the day after the trial class.
*Points cannot be combined.
*Payment later (Pay ID) is not eligible for points.