my yukata making experience [premium]

Making my size premium yukata, which includes a high-quality yukata and obi.


Sakurakiori SV sacoche making experience

An industrial tourism plan where you can experience making cherry blossom weaving sacoche using fabrics created by our own products.


Miniature kimono making experience

Make a small kimono without using needles or thread. This plan is also popular as a souvenir for industrial tourism as it comes with a cover.


Kimono frame experience

Choose your favorite uchikake fabric and make it. with frame


Suminagashi dyeing experience

Dye cloth with suminagashi and make original kimono cards


Cherry blossom weaving experience

Experience cherry blossom weaving using fabrics created from our own products. You can choose your weaving time from 1 hour up to 5 hours.

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