Lapoge's unique Japanese tailoring system "Himiko tailoring"Lapoge's unique Japanese sewing system utilizes the advantages of "hand sewing" and systematizes Japanese sewing techniques and processes, centering on the in-house developed sewing machines "Wasai Kobo Himiko" and "Markless Seama." We hope that as many people as possible can come into contact with and enjoy the ``Made in Himi'' Japanese clothing, Japanese techniques, and beauty of Japan, which are made by our highly skilled staff using ``Himiko tailoring.''


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Japanese clothing sewing (full order kimono)

Lapoge's Japanese clothing sewing "Himiko tailoring""Made in Himi"high qualityFull order kimono


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machine development

For the sewing fieldMade in Japanmachine developmentI will respond.We also accept consultations on machine development tailored to the needs of sewing sites.


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Japanese cycle

Based on the idea of ``recycling Japanese culture'' and ``reproducing the beauty of kimono,'' we provide a service to ``retailor'' beloved kimonos into original designs based on ``Himiko tailoring'' techniques.


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Original product

With the hope that stories can be told from kimonos.Online shop ~Shitateyasan~, at MakuakeWe sell original products


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design order

Based on the Japanese-style sewing knowledge and technical skills of an older sister who studied dyeing and a younger sister who studied dressmaking, we create "original materialization" from fabric production, regardless of Japanese or Western-style sewing.


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Industrial tourism/experience class

Himi is blessed with food and scenery. We are holding a "manufacturing experience class" where you can enjoy domestic sewing techniques and Japanese beauty.