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Business contents of La Poger Co., Ltd.

I will introduce you.

Here is the Japanese techniqueCONCEPT

Japanesque spun by Himiko, a Japanese-style workshop in La Poger

La Poger's "Washi Kobo Himiko" systematizes Japanese dressing technology centered on a sewing machine that operates on its own caterpillar, and realizes domestic sewing that responds to the times.
We provide a service to have a wide range of people make kimonos tailored by "Himiko Tailoring" made by such a Japanese style workshop, Himiko.
We hope that both companies and individuals will come into contact with Himiko tailoring and Japanese dressmaking and enjoy Japanese technology and the beauty of Japanese people.

Kimono tailoring

Tailored full order
Give shape to your feelings.

With our unique sewing system, we can tailor high-quality kimonos in a short delivery time and at a reasonable price.

Kimono remake

With a kimono that I no longer wear
Weave a new story.

We will remake your precious kimono with an original design.

New product development

From traditional kimono to costumes
We respond with high technology.

At La Poger, we plan, produce and sell everything from kimono to obi, accessories and miscellaneous goods.

Original tailoring

Koto cover

Perfect for you
Making original products.

We will give shape to your desire to wear such a kimono and want such Japanese products.

Machine development

Meet the needs of the times
Machine development specialized in the sewing field

We handle sewing machines developed in-house. We also accept consultations on machine development that meets on-site needs.

Industrial tourism / experience class

Enjoy to a little
Japanese craft experience class

We hold a manufacturing experience class where you can enjoy domestic sewing techniques and Japanese beauty in Himi, which is blessed with food and scenery.



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