Sakurakiori SV sacoche making experience


Make an original sacoche
Stroll and cycle around Himi town!

You will experience cherry blossom weaving using the fabric generated during the sewing of our original products. This is an industrial tourism plan where you can make an original sacoche using the finished cherry blossom weave fabric and take it home.


The ``Sakuraki Ori Sacoche Making Experience'' was created in order to reduce the waste of unusable fabrics generated from original products.


The fabric woven with cherry blossom weave is in the outside pocket. We make only one original sacoche in the world.

~Flow of the experience~
<About 2 hours>


We will explain about Sakurakiori and the fabrics used.

About the leftover fabric created when sewing our original products, the process of sewing Japanese clothes, about reuse, etc.How the cherry blossom weaving experience came aboutI will talk about it.


Weaving the outer pocket of the sacoche

While actually using the cherry blossom loom, the staff will explain how to weave and weave. Once you learn it, you can easily weave it, so even elementary school children can try it out.


Remove the woven part from the cherry loom


The staff will remove it from the cherry blossom loom. A few centimeters on both ends of the woven length will be hidden when making into pockets. After weaving about 10 cm, it will be in the middle of the pocket.


You can tour our in-house developed machines and the inside of our factory.


In-house developed machines such as markless seamer and silk steadyYou can see the movement of the machine and the sewing process, which you can't usually see. *The operating status of the machine will vary depending on the trial date.


Make a sewn pocket on the sacoche


During the tour, the sacoche will be sewn together. The back is lined with fabric, so this sacoche is durable and functional. *This work uses a commercial sewing machine.The staff will do it.


After attaching the string, finishing and inspecting it, it is completed.


Sew the pocket and body together, sew on the string, and the sacoche is complete. We will finish and inspect the product and hand it over to you on the spot, so you can take the completed sacoche home with you on the day of your experience.

This is an original sacoche designed by our company, where the outer pocket is made using a cherry blossom weaving experience.

Sacoche is an original design that we do everything from design to sewing in-house.
Please enjoy the experience of making your own sacoche, one of its kind in the world, by weaving your own cherry blossom weave on the sacoche, which is only available in the trial class.

*Note: The finished weight will vary depending on the size and weave of the outer pocket.

You can neatly store your essentials when going out!

The size fits a long wallet, iPad, 350ml plastic bottle, smartphone, and handkerchief! It is sized to fit A4 size paper so that it can be used for cycling, traveling, and everyday use.


●100% cotton (denim)
●Shoulder string length: approx. 62-119cm
●Snap button opening
●Inner pocket: Height approx. 14.5cm, width approx. 15cm
-Outer pocket: Height approx. 16cm, width approx. 22cm

When sewing our original products, there are some fabrics that cannot be used because they are too thin.
We will use these to weave cherry blossom weaving.

For the weft, we use our original products (moji Rin, Natsumoji, denim outer kimono) cut into long thin strips. Even the same cloth can have a variety of fringes depending on its thickness, length, pattern, and cut location. The texture changes depending on the degree of weaving.
In addition, we also have yarn and string, so please try weaving with various combinations and arrangements!

event dateBusiness days + Saturdays (reservation required)
Price (per person)9,500 yen (tax included)
What's included in the priceSacoche (body), cherry blossom weaving experience fee, usage fee for other equipment used during the experience, staff guidance fee, sewing fee
Belongingsnothing special. If you need glasses, please bring them.
NotesPlease come dressed in clothes that you don't mind getting lint on.
You can choose from several types of cloth to use for Sakurakiori.
The color scheme of the warp threads will vary depending on the time of the experience.
The width of the warp is approximately 16cm.
●The finish (size) of the outer pocket will vary depending on the weaving method.
●Reservations can be made for 2 or more people to 6 people.
●For groups (7 or more people), please inquire.
●Please choose the start time of your experience from 9:00~, 10:00~, 10:30~, 13:00~, or 14:00~. (Completion time varies depending on start time)
●The experience time may change depending on the progress of the day.
●Please apply at least 10 days before your desired date.

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