Suminagashi dyeing experience


Japanese beauty created by chanceCONCEPT

Create your own kimono card by dyeing cloth with suminagashi

It's very easy to work with. The dye is poured into a special liquid, and the dye that floats on the water surface is transferred onto the cloth.

Since we use very thin cloth, you can quickly dry it with an iron and create an original kimono card that you can take home.

Recommended pointsRECOMMENDATIONS

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What is Suminagashi?

The dye is floated on the surface of the water and the resulting pattern is gently transferred onto paper or cloth. At La Poge, we use habutae (100% silk lining).

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Experience time is 20-30 minutes

Even if you include the company tour, you can complete the process in about an hour. Once it's finished, you can take it home on the spot.

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You can choose from 8 colors

Opposite colors, bicolor, or...? You can freely enjoy your favorite combination from 8 colors.

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original card

If you use a kimono die-cut mount, you can create a suminagashi kimono card. How about as a memory of your experience?

*We also have cute cards for children.

  • POINT.05

photo frames, postcards

Mini frames are also available to match the mount. You can take it home as a memento of your visit or use it as a postcard.
*Mini forehead set
*Rapo Postal Set (Stamp & Envelope Set)

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Up to 15 people can experience it at the same time in 1 hour

You can alternate between trial classes and in-house tours.
We can accept up to 15 people at the same time in one hour.

Flow of experienceFLOW

Time required
1 hour (about 30 minutes experience, about 30 minutes company tour)

Explanation (5 minutes)

I will explain the work flow.


Suminagashi ① (2 minutes)

Choose a dye color and let it flow onto the water surface.

Suminagashi ② (3 minutes)

Transfer the dye on the water surface with a cloth.

IMG_7420 2

Drying (2 minutes)

Dry it using an iron.
*Staff will assist you

Decoration (10 minutes)

Place it between the mounts and it's done!


Experience overviewOVERVIEW

event date Business days + Saturdays (reservation required) *Please contact us for trial dates.
Fee 1,000 yen (tax included)
Belongings nothing special
Payment Method
  • Local payment:Cash, PayPay, Merpay, dPay, GoTo Travel regional common coupon
  • online payment:credit card
Notes We will be using liquids and dyes, so please wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. ●Please apply at least 10 days before your desired date.
Target age 4 years old (accompanied by a guardian) ~

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