Yukata making experience


Wear a yukata tailored by yourselfCONCEPT

Why don't you make only one "my yukata" in the world?

It is a stay-type industrial tourism plan that allows you to experience according to your schedule with a 3 hour ✕ 2 work system from choosing your favorite fabric to tailoring and dressing a yukata.

You can finish it in one day and take it home on the day! It is also possible to divide the work into two days and work on it carefully.

Recommended pointsRECOMMENDATIONS

  • POINT.01

Choose your favorite cloth

The original plan includes the price of the cloth, and you can choose your favorite pattern. There is also a plan that you can tailor with the cloth you brought.

  • POINT.02

One-on-one help

Our staff will help you one-on-one so that even those who have no sewing experience can finish it comfortably. So even beginners can participate with confidence.

  • POINT.03

Use a household sewing machine for safety

In response to such a voice that "industrial sewing machines are fast and scary to sew", we have prepared safer household sewing machines. You don't have to touch the sewing machine even once.

  • POINT.04

You can experience the state of tailoring

You can observe the tailoring with the machine "Markless Cima" originally developed by La Poger. You can take a closer look at how your yukata is sewn by the machine.

  • POINT.05

Help with dressing

"Once you make it, you have to wear it!" Discover your new charm! Proposal of a fun kimono life.
* Please bring 2 waist straps, obi-ita and half-width obi.

Craft 01
  • POINT.06

A toast with my yukata ♪

Unfortunately, fireworks festivals and summer festivals in various places that were not held in 2020, Etchu Owara Kaze no Bon etc. Next season, let's go out with only one my yukata in the world ♪

Experience flowFLOW

1st process

  1. Selection of cloth (measuring the scale)
  2. Dimension confirmation
  3. Cutting
  4. Sleeve sewing
  5. Collar sewing

We sew using a household sewing machine that even beginners can use, and our original machine, Markless Cima.

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2nd process

  1. Back stitch
  2. Sew around the hem
  3. With sleeves
  4. With collar
  5. Wearing my yukata

The yukata is sewn up and completed, and the freshly made my yukata is put on. The staff will support the dressing.

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Overview of the experienceOVERVIEW

event date Wed, Thu, Fri
Plan / price
  • Original plan: 15,000 yen
    Yukata fabric will be selected at the time of experience.
  • Cloth carry-on plan: 12,000 yen
    If you bring your own yukata dough, we will have a meeting in advance.
  • Hamamatsu injection dyeing plan: 28,000 yen
    Prior application is required to use Hamamatsu dyed fabric.
    Click here for Hamamatsu dyeing pattern selection
Belongings Please bring accessories (half-width band, waist strap x 2, obi-ita) for wearing so that the yukata can be worn (you can also purchase it locally).
Payment Method
  • Local settlement: Cash, PayPay, Melpay, d-payment, GoTo Travel Regional Coupons
  • onlinesettlement:credit card

Cloth required scale

  • Small cloth (cloth width around 38 cm) 12 m or more
  • Wide fabric (fabric width around 90 cm) 6 m or more
  • Wide fabric (fabric width around 110 cm) 4.5 m or more

Precautions for choosing cloth!
Yukata (single kimono) is worn by wrapping it around your body, so it is not suitable for highly elastic (knit) or thin items such as organdy.



Business hours 8: 30-17: 30 Regular holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays