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Miniature kimono making experience


A small Japanese storyCONCEPT

A small original kimono that lets you feel the beauty of Japan and the four seasons.

Finish a small kimono without using a needle or thread.

It also comes with a kimono hanger, making it the perfect souvenir for industrial tourism.

Recommended pointsRECOMMENDATIONS

  • POINT.01

Perfect for interior!

Create a small Japanese space by hanging an original small kimono on the clothes frame.

  • POINT.02

You can choose from 9 patterns

You can also create seasonal patterns, and just by changing the mini kimono, you can enjoy it according to the season.You can choose from 9 other designs including the new "tateyama" series. We plan to continue adding new items in the future!

  • POINT.03

The mini clothes girder is made of original aluminum

It comes with a mini-coat girder made of aluminum, which is unique to our company, which develops machines.
*Kimonos are common to all kimonos.

Flow of experienceFLOW

Time required
Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes (including tour)

Explanation (5 minutes)

Making mini kimono
I will explain the work flow.


Choose a pattern (5 minutes)

From the pattern
Choose your favorite pattern.

Cut the dough along the lines (15 minutes)

Cut out the parts from the fabric.
(collar, collar x 2, main body)


Freshly brewed (20 minutes)

Adhere using a trowel (tailoring iron).

Finishing and viewing time (30 minutes)

Difficult parts will be completed by our staff during the company tour.


Experience overviewOVERVIEW

event date Business days + Saturdays (reservation required) *Please contact us for trial dates.
Fee 4,800 yen (tax included) Comes with mini clothes holder
Belongings nothing special
Notes A trowel will be used, so please be careful not to get burned. ●Please apply at least 10 days before your desired date.

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