1st processFIRST PROCESS

Factory tour (20 minutes)

After a company tour of La Poger
Let's grasp the flow of tailoring.

01 01
02 02

Know yourself (20 minutes)

Measure your size,
Find the perfect size.

Check the scale (20 minutes)

Estimate the scale (fabric required for tailoring) from the calculated dimensions.

03 03
04 04

Cut the dough (40 minutes)

Finally, cut!
Let's devise the arrangement of the pattern and the appearance.

Let's make sleeves and collar (70 minutes)

Sew the sleeves and collar with a sewing machine.
The body is tailored with Markless Cima.
Visit Markless Cima!

05 05
06 06

Check after markless (10 minutes)

Check the balance between the sleeves and body.


Sew the back and hem (30 minutes)

It's finally becoming more like a yukata.
The body is ready.

01 01
02 02

Put on your sleeves (30 minutes)

Once you have decided on the left and right sides of the sleeves, attach the sleeves with a sewing machine.

Let's put on the collar (30 minutes)

Attach the collar using a sewing machine.

03 03
Let's put on a collar
04 04

Fold the collar (20 minutes)

Fold the collar to the finished product and stop it with a needle.

Drop the collar (30 minutes)

Have them drop it on the folded collar and hang it on the sewing machine.
(* The staff is in charge of this process)

05 05
06 06

Press (30 minutes)

Press it and you're done!


Let's put on the finished yukata immediately.

07 07